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NSWE Events has created the new standard for luxury event planning service.  Each event is unique, so is your event scope.  Services are structured into base packages that can be built upon and customized to fit the your needs and participation in the process.  A complimentary consultation is provided to determine the event planning services required, where information is shared and the magic of the planning process begins. 


We believe that great ideas require extra creativity, not necessarily expenditures. Our trained event planners have years of event and hospitality experience to direct you towards the very best plan to exceed your expectations and provide a seamless and fun experience.  We can't wait to hear about your ideas and make them come to life!

Photo by Eric Floberg Photography


NSWE Home is a home party planning service offering event planning expertise on a smaller scale.  Whether it’s a tasteful, intimate dinner party for colleagues, a themed backyard BBQ or a memorable holiday party for close friends, NSWE Home is a platform to take our experience and apply it at a scaled down size with faster turnaround.  This is the essential concierge services for home parties.

Photo by Tamara Gruner Photography
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