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Curating Your Vendor Team

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When starting out in the wedding planning process, many savvy brides begin by chatting with friends and family about recent wedding planning experiences. Often brides will echo the same sentiments that we do: so much of your experience comes down to the quality of your vendors. They can make your wedding planning experience enjoyable, or they can slow you down, misinterpret your priorities, and blow your budget. For the modern bride with a career and social life, who has time to sift through endless reviews online (and just how accurate are they?). How can you find vendors that can be trusted to take your vision, priorities, budget and turn it all into your dream event just based on a few online comments? How do you filter through the vendor search that is often bogged down with commentary from brides that may not be looking for the same things or have the same budget goals as you?

Enter: the professional wedding planner. An event planner can transform your planning process from overwhelming online queries into a curated and enjoyable process. At NSWE, we have a vast network of nationwide connections and relationships in the luxury event industry that our clients can immediately tap into. Instead of mindlessly searching hundreds of bands, we will have focused discussions about your goals for the feel and energy of the dance floor, the budget priorities (and how that fits into your overall budget), and present a few curated options. Instead of having to repeat the details of your event over and over to each potential vendor so they can each send you a quote, you will be presented with a few compiled quotes with personal references or recommendations from us. It’s like having a professional recruiter send you the top three ideal candidates instead of sifting through thousands of online resumes. This makes the process efficient and much more enjoyable. As an event planner, we can also ensure you’re comparing apples to apples when looking at different vendor options, and then negotiate with them to achieve your preferences.

Since we have established long term relationships with vendor partners in the industry over the last 20 years, your event’s priority level and negotiating power with potential vendors significantly increases. Instead of being a one-time client for a vendor, the planner is a repeat client, so a vendor may be inclined to go above and beyond more than they might be originally disposed to. This can help reduce response time, increase accountability, and drive incentive for vendors to negotiate better terms with you. This ensures you are not only getting the best price but the best value and communication from your vendors.

Just because you have refined taste, doesn’t mean you don’t expect to have the best value for your investment. Having an event planner by your side ensures that you will get more value out of every minute of your time you invest in the planning process and more return out of every dollar that you put towards the vendors.

If you’re interested in working with NSWE and having us curate a collection of vendors that will match your event priorities please reach out and let us work together to make your dream event a reality.

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Alexandra Martin, Director of Marketing

NSWE Events


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