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New Decade, New Perspective

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

As we turn the page of the last decade and move onto the “Roaring 20’s”, I have decided to dedicate this year to having a new perspective. The wedding and event market is such an invigorating and innovative industry, but I sometimes think that we get stuck in our ways and attitudes. With this new decade, I am inviting myself to a celebration of being present, thoughtful and open to new opportunities and relationships, which will grow me and my business.

Today my daughter and I finished a 500 piece dog puzzle that she received as a gift for Christmas. Instead of going out to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my friends, at some bar or NYE party, I was with my kids, at a family gathering, and came home to work on the puzzle. Zoe and I poured it out on the dining room table and went to work.

After about two hours, of carefully dividing the pieces by color and creating a framework to fill the design in, I told her, “We are taking a break and going to bed. We can finished this in the morning.”

She would have liked to continue to plow through the evening placing every piece, before falling to sleep, but I said, “It’s sometimes necessary to walk away from a project and come back to it with fresh eyes.”

This following morning, we both got ready for the day and sat at the dining room table to finish our project. We were about three quarters of the way through and struggling, with the large amount of pieces that looked fairly similar, when I told her to switch seats with me.

“We need a new perspective,” I told her. We then began to fly through the final pieces of the puzzle and completed it in less than 30 minutes.

The puzzle is not perfect. Somehow this brand new puzzle is missing one piece of the Great Shepard’s face. I realized this shortly before the puzzle was finished and Zoe was a bit upset looking all over the floor for the piece. I told her

“Sometimes we are missing a piece of the puzzle, but it doesn’t mean that the puzzle isn’t complete. It’s as complete as it can be.”

North Shore Weddings & Events has a lot of goals this year and they will only be accomplished by my taking a new perspective to the business. It’s time to bring on more talent with fresh ideas and industry experience. We are rebranding for our 10 year anniversary, in 2021, to accurately reflect the new goals for this decade. The company will handle more events than ever before, including four national events, by focusing on the industry outside of the Midwest. NSWE will also launch a master training program, for existing event professionals, who want advanced education on the process of planning and managing events.

Looking forward to a new decade, new perspective and new relationships.


Megan Estrada

Owner & Principal Event Planner



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