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Rain, Rain Go Away

Laura Witherow Photography

Chicago weather is particularly difficult to predict, therefore, whenever planning events outside we have a "Rain Plan". Usually, this involves something less spectacular than the outdoor option and most clients hope that the weather will hold out. I share the same advice to every client is this situation, "If you accept the rain plan in your heart, it won't happen, but if you refuse to accept it... it probably will happen."

For Allison and Mike, the rain plan wasn't that appealing. We selected Loft Lucia, in the West Loop, for it's beautiful interior, for a cocktail reception style wedding reception, and it's amazing rooftop, for a ceremony. Although we had a Rain Plan, nobody really liked the option of moving inside. Allison and Mike took my advice to heart and went with the flow, as the rain poured down that afternoon. The pictures around town were limited to indoor locations and family formals were captured in the beautifully lit indoor space of Loft Lucia.

I watched the Weather Channel radar ALL DAY and saw that the rain was supposed to stop right around 6:30PM... our ceremony time! We waited patiently and prepared to wipe down all the chairs. At 6:05PM, A Stem Above Florist moved the hexagon altar piece outside and dressed it with greens. At 6:10PM, the caterer, Entertaining Company and my team wiped down the chairs. At 6:30 PM, we sent the bride and groom down the aisle as the sun peaked through the clouds and provided perfect lighting for Laura Witherow Photography to capture the ceremony outside.


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