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Second Chances

Updated: May 3, 2019

I enjoy working with a variety of clients with different backgrounds, values, religions and ages. One type of event that is dear to me is the Second Marriage. Maybe it's because I'm divorced or because I like second chances, but the second marriages are very special.

I think It's really easy to start planning a first marriage. Everyone is so excited about the engagement and the family is putting together their guests lists, before the bride and groom even have a chance to breathe. The second marriage engagement is usually a more quiet situation. Possibly their are family members who feel confused or apprehensive about this new situation. Maybe there are children involved with their own emotions about their parent's taking new steps in life. It takes a lot more confidence and outward pride to throw a big wedding for a second marriage and that's what I generally see in my lovely mature brides and grooms.

Kelly and Mike were a joy to work with and knew that they wanted to celebrate their new marriage with all their loved ones. Like many clients, they were already married. When they came to me, to assist with the wedding plans, they were just trying to navigate how to provide a wonderful experience for the celebration. Part of the devised plan was to include a quick ceremony for friends and family to experience the exchange of vows and the magical experience of two people standing, in front of their loved ones, saying that they are committed to each other.

Gibson's Steakhouse was booked for their April date without pre-consideration of a ceremony to be included, so we came up with a plan as to how to accommodate 100 people for ceremony and reception in the limited space. We draped the entire room, to soften the nautical theme, and to create a barrier between staging and ceremony spaces. We used a Hexagon altarpiece with floral and greenery to highlight the ceremony and sweetheart table. One of my favorite touches were the images of Kelly's Mother and Sister, who had passed away. We nestled them into the hexagon altar piece, whichkept them close to Kelly in ceremony and throughout the evening.

The bride and groom conveniently got ready at The Thompson Hotel across the street from the venue. The hotel was gracious to provide the bride and groom access to their beautiful event spaces for pictures. Amy Aiello Photography captures these beautiful images of this very special wedding day.

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