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Wedding Trends for 2020

As we’re getting settled into the new year, here at NSWE we are getting more and more excited about the incredible weddings we have ahead of us for 2020. With all the new engagements, the new season, the new year, and the new decade, we’re on the edge of our seat to see all of these gorgeous weddings come to life. Looking ahead, there are already a few trends that are clearly taking over for 2020!

Photo by Riverbend Studio


More than ever, couples are embracing individuality in planning their big day (or big weekend!). At NSWE, we love learning about the couple’s identity and crafting their wedding around their personality, rather than using a cookie cutter formula. More and more brides are forgoing the bouquet toss in favor of making up their own tradition. Gone are the days when every bridesmaid had to be in the same dress in the shade of baby pink, as brides are embracing eclectic bridal party attire. Blue tux jackets are popping up as much as black ones! Whether you make the rules or break the rules, in 2020 it’s up to you.


While pampas grass had its moment in 2019, non-traditional flowers are making their way into 2020. Dried, bleached, painted or left natural, the non-traditional flower is something to explore this year. Couples are also trying out innovative floral arrangement styles- unique architectural vases dominate over the traditional crystal vase, and the big round balls of tight roses are nowhere to be found! Look for interesting and organic shapes with lots of texture.


We LOVE This trend! On top of how fun it is, it’s practical too; a “self-serve” or assisted refreshment station can help eliminate a bottleneck at the bar during your cocktail hour. For example, there’s a new company in Chicago that brings a small, vintage Prosecco truck to your reception venue that will have your guests talking all night. ( We have set up ice barrels of beer and craft beer dispensers. Event pour over cocktails at the bar are even making an appearance this year! Unique touches like these will impress your guests and create a fun and inviting atmosphere.


Lots of NSWE couples are embracing the non-traditional ceremonies for 2020. The traditional aisle is taking a backseat to ceremonies in the round for a more inclusive and dynamic experience for their guests. Contemporary music is hitting a high note for the bridal marches and exit songs. Overall, couples are choosing to create ceremonies that are more reflective of current cultures and inspired by mixing traditions to create their own.


While the all white classic wedding will never go out of style, this year couples are embracing color in a big way. From the invitation suites, flowers to the linens, we are having a blast brightening up our weddings this year. We love working with clients to incorporate color in a way that makes an impact but still remains timeless and elegant.

Whether you embrace the trends or forgo them completely, we can’t wait to work with you to design your wedding around your personal style and vision. We look forward to planning with you!

Alexandra Martin

Director of Marketing



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